Saturday, 27 December 2008


Last week, beginning the 15Th December I went into Manchester as I was back home and did a little more research looking at menswear and women's wear, concentrating on designer diffusion, upper middle market and middle market levels. I found it difficult to ind designer diffusion in the stores available to me,although I feel I got enough research done. On the Tuesday of independent study week (16Th) I got the FLU....Absolute nightmare. I did nothing for a whole week, therefore I'm a little behind schedule. The first week of our Christmas break I spent sorting out all my information and research collected and began putting together my shop report, up to now I have done a few sheets on designer and middle market levels. I'm Struggling to start my trend boards as I do not have photoshop. I tried to get it before I left for home but couldn't afford it. I am still trying to get it whilst at home, but it doesn't look good...:( I think if I don't get it I will plan them manually and will have to actually do them on photoshop when i get back to college. That isn't the best way to do it, but unfortunately there's nothing I can do.

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