Thursday, 20 May 2010


I had my 'feedback' session for Research Practices on Thursday after the morning hand in. I was really upset about how this went to be honest. I felt like I had pushed my self to do something more innovative, interesting and different. I looked at a subject that was totally different for me and I thought this project was about coming up with a good concept and your own ideas etc. However at the feedback session, my work hadn't been looked through and then i talked through some of it for no more than 5 minutes. I didn't have time to speak about everything. I was then told to take it away and that it had been marked, while I was there. I really don't understand how such a specific grade can be given when my work was literally flicked through. I tried to explain myself the best I could, but this is hard in 5minutes. I know there is a lot of students work to mark, but there is no way you could have looked at the designs and if they related to the theme or anything by just having a flick. I feel a bit disheartened after spending all my time over the past 3 weeks on the project. I just hope the grade I get is actually the right one. It just seems people are expected to get a certain grade and they always get round about, give or take a few marks. I'm going to try and speak with Gemma over this as it seems even if we push ourselves it goes unnoticed.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Interview Day!

Today I went for 3 Interviews down in London, for a work placement over summer. The first was a design Intern at Georgia Hardinge. It was just off Brick Lane. As soon as i entered the studio I got a great vibe! I loved it. Georgia was lovely and was so complimenting for my work, which I was really surprised at. The studio had a great atmosphere, she was helpful and seemed generally willing to help. They offered me a placement for the whole of summer if I wanted, this depends of cost in London and to work with them during Fashion Week in September!

Sunday, 9 May 2010


Finally finished my portfolio yesterday. I think it looks okay, but I want to add some work from Research Practices once I have fnished everything! I think from looking at it there is obvious strong points and those things that need working on. I think I need to try and format/layout my work differently on the next project as it is getting abit samey all the way through. I really enjoy researching, however I think designs, lineups and illustrations of mine are also working well. I think next year I definitley want to focus on designer labels rather than high street as i find much more freedom. Some examples of the pages that are included....

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

FFFF Found.

So I'm selling some garments I made in a City Centre Shop and a couple of things have already gone, absolutely ecstatic! It's called Found and is a cute vintage/charity shop that also sells work of new and up coming designers. I've had a small meeting with the manager Vicky and she said she is more thn happy for e to continue to make things for the shop! yeahhhhhh!
Today was our last studio day of second year! I am beginning to worry about this project now, there is just a week left and I haven't done my 6 final outfit illustrations, my toile or my statement of intent. I really do not understand how the project has been set. Starting a few weeks before two other deadlines doesn't seem to make sense...a lot of people are wondering about an extension. I'd pretty much kill for this right now. Anyways, plan for the following week. Tomorrow: finis designs and complete 2 final illustrations. Friday: 2 more illustrations and pattern for my toile. Saturday: Go into uni :( toile and final 2 illustrations, as well as finishing my portfolio. Sunday Finish toile, cv, postcard, blog, Statement of Intent. Monday: interviews in London. Tuesday: finish PPD Work, Statement of Intent. Wednesday PPD Hand in, anything for Research Practices. Thursday: Research Practices Hand In.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

first ideas, i guess.

Looking at the abject. The things we repulse and cannot accept. Things that society does not accept and mainly nasty things. Quite interesting though!

Psycho Psycho

I'm going with the psychoanalysis and the gaze lecture for my research practices module. It's week 2 and we should be designing. I'm yet to see anyone in the class do this. Everyone including myself has literally only just started/are getting to grips with their idea. Running 3 projects at once is fucking stupid if you ask me. I wish we had an extension, I am seriously not going to finish.

Enterprise is over, I can't quite believe it. We started this 10 Credit Module in September, yet it has only just finished...not much logic really. My group (Katy, Siobhan, Sophie and I) came up with the idea of a travelling knitting school. We decided this after our initial interest in the subject and then finding evidence that the knitting craft was becoming popular again. We did so so much research into how this business could be formed and if in fact it would even work. We did a little bit of market research as well as business methodologies to determine if the business would work. We used PEST against competitors which helped us move forward and decide the things we would need to do to attract to people who may already go there. I really enjoyed this project, but just think it could have been done in a much shorter period. I learnt a lot about hings I didn't know and I think I would now know how to get my business moving in the future. Things like website costs and travel and materials helped me understand how much you may have to sacrifice when staring a business. i liked doing the branding for the project and we aimed for a really strong brand image, something that would be instantly recognisable. Siobhan and Myself did the logo and Katy did the website whilst Sophie did some business stuff. Sophie was really good at understanding some terms and legal points that we couldn't. Our presentation went really well and we received no negative feedback. Angie appreciated the van cosy idea, as did Bridget. I think Bridget took note of us trying to include all the business methods we had discussed during lectures. I haven't had my mark back for this, but I hope it is a first, I don't want to let myself down after getting all first through the year up to now. I'll have to wait and see!


Enterprise Presentation yesterday. I think it went rather well. There wasn't any negative feedback apart from the fact that our tea cosy should have been knitted. We know this it's just none of us could knit, aha! I'd really love to do this as a career, again if we could knit. Maybe it is time to learn. Everything else seems to go well, so hopefully we will get a good mark :)

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Research Practices

I am still undecided on a specific subject, however psychoanalsis is the way I'm going! I think I will really love this project as Research is one of my favourite parts of the design process. I hope to make it very successful as it is carried on through to third year. Note to Self: MAKE THIS EPIC!

Trendbook- AFD.

Final lineup- AFD.

Applied Fashion Design has been one of my favourite project of the year. I've really enjoyed covering different parts of the fashion industry. Initially I decided to look at the AW 2010/2011 trend. I interpretated this myself and decided to focus on the Gothic Revival period and Victorian dress that was apparent during this time. I decided to design my trend and collection for Reiss. I visited the West Yorkshire playhouse to broaden my research practice, instead of looking just on the Internet or at books, even though they are very useful! I really enjoyed my visit there, it opened my eyes to the volume of work that went into producing one piece of Victorian costume. The layering and silhouette in particular appealed to me. I decided to take this further with a visit to Dewsbury to find some lovely brocade fabrics. I used furnishings as well as luxury fabrics like cashmere, silk and velvet. I designed a collection for Reiss and kept in mind there current appeal and look, whilst trying to give them something new. I produced a Trend book and from this produced an array of designs. This is my final collection lineup I designed from the trend book and with consideration of the Reiss brand. I am pretty pleased with this, although it took me such a long time. I tried a collage approach instead of just illustrating my designs. I think this worked better as at first I was struggling to incorporate the styling of the garments as well as drawing things like faces and feet! I think this is one of my strongest lineups, in particular I love the Trouser designs, which are usually my weakest type of design, however they have improved in this project. Overall this has been one of my favourite projects of the year and I have definitely broadened my knowledge of how the fashion process works. I have just got my feedback and I got 70% again. It is really starting to annoy me now. My feedback is always you have done really well, but this is obviously not the case as I am making no improvement and if anything going lower. I wish I had some sort f productive feedback so I could improve my work.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Applied Fashion Design.

The new project has been going on a few weeks now and I've failed dramatically at updating my blog with my feeling on it. Its pretty much Shop Report-Brand Research-Trend Research-Trend Interpretation_Trend Book-Design Work-Presentation. Sounds good doesn't it...Well I am pretty relaxed at the minute, which I probably shouldn't be seen as it's a 20 cred module, but I am. I feel behind, but hopefully I'm going to catch up this week.


Roksanda Ilincic

Nicole Farhi

Marios Schwab
Charles Anastase

Burberry Prorsum

A few of my favouritesss.

Critical Studies- Adornoooo

I've finally decided what I focusing my critical studies essay on, Adorno, the miserable sod. I am applying his idea of the culture industry and comparing it too the experiences felt the first and each time after the mini skirt was a fashion phenomenon. I have lots of reading to do yet, but least I'm on my way. Tom (my tutor) said I was writing on a particularly hard theory...great! I've been sourcing a few books from the college library and I am finding the topic super duperly interesting. I really find Adorno's theory Bazaar. How can someone so well educated have such obscure visions of society. As I am studying a creative subject we are encouraged to form and new and innovative ideas, however if we as society was to refer to Adorno theory there would never ever be anything new or great to shout about, which all in all makes life quite depressing. I decided to compare this to the miniskirt, as at the time it was considered a phenomenon and something new, but if I applied Adornos theory it would have been considered an adaption of the past longer skirt. I'm going to attempt to challenge his theory by showing evidence that the experience that has been felt the first time and every time after the mini skirts release has been different therefore this makes it unique and original. After this I began looking at my own work and analysing that, was it any different to whats about now or has been in the past? If not why do I bother? I'm going to continue readying as Its quite difficult and I'm finding it hard to get my head round all the little bits and bobs of Adornos theory on the culture industry. I got 60% on my essay in first year. I'd like to think my reading and subject will help me get a slightly better grade this year. I'd like a first, but I know I'm not naturally great at writing. Lets do thisssss!

Monday, 22 February 2010

Design Realisation Work

Final Tecnical Pacakage and Garment.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

parii parii parii

I'm going to paris!!! That is all.
So we got our marks back on Thursday for design realisation. I got 71%. I was hoping for a bit more to be honest, then after my positive feedback from Gemma I expected a little more too. I am just wondering what I can do to benefit myself and to push myself further. I understand that there is boxes to be ticked, but how can higher grades be given to some, if they are not even following the brief? I am going to email Gemma and ask for some advice on how to get those higher 70's! that's my aim for the new project, Applied Fashion Design, which is awesome by the way!

Design Realisation.

Design Realisation has been really enjoyable. I loved looking at a trend which i have never done in as much detail as this before. I wanted to gain more inspiration from the trend so decided to look at Victorian Ladies wear, in particularly big shoulders. I took this from the vintage garment I bought. I decided to produce my garment for Urban Outfitters and decided to go back to women's wear after Tailoring and Menswear as I think this is where my heart lies. My design work was inspired by the trend research and my vintage garment, however I am not entirely pleased with my design work for this project. I feel it could have been more innovative and therefore challenging if it went too production. I decided to make a jacket, as I had never produced one before. I really thought learning how to put a technical package together was one of the most beneficial things we have done this year. Learning how to do garment specs, lay plans and detailed specs would be expected of you if you was too work in a design studio so I'm really pleased with now knowing how to do it. I enjoyed it as well, however it took a long, long time to get everything accurate and to ensure I wasted the least amount of fabric as possible. I hope this may help when going for internship interviews as I nowhave extra skills.

Monday, 1 February 2010


a few shots from my new fuji film camera i got for crimbo, they're okay i guess. I should get a zoom lens too.

Design Realisation

I'm liking this project at the minute, just wish I hadn't been so lazy. I'm feeling the pressure now!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

New year, New Project.

So i got my mark back from Tailoring Processes, I got 70%. I'm well pleased, didn't expect this due to the lack of motivation before the christmas hols. This new project Design Realisation seems sweeeet. Research, Design, Garment and Technical Package. All useful for further projects.