Thursday, 20 May 2010


I had my 'feedback' session for Research Practices on Thursday after the morning hand in. I was really upset about how this went to be honest. I felt like I had pushed my self to do something more innovative, interesting and different. I looked at a subject that was totally different for me and I thought this project was about coming up with a good concept and your own ideas etc. However at the feedback session, my work hadn't been looked through and then i talked through some of it for no more than 5 minutes. I didn't have time to speak about everything. I was then told to take it away and that it had been marked, while I was there. I really don't understand how such a specific grade can be given when my work was literally flicked through. I tried to explain myself the best I could, but this is hard in 5minutes. I know there is a lot of students work to mark, but there is no way you could have looked at the designs and if they related to the theme or anything by just having a flick. I feel a bit disheartened after spending all my time over the past 3 weeks on the project. I just hope the grade I get is actually the right one. It just seems people are expected to get a certain grade and they always get round about, give or take a few marks. I'm going to try and speak with Gemma over this as it seems even if we push ourselves it goes unnoticed.

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