Thursday, 30 October 2008

Thursday 23rd..HELP!

Last Thursday I went into the studio to catch up on the zips and seams workshop I missed, because I was ill. My friend Siobhan helped me work through the seams I needed to complete for my technical file. I then worked with Hugo to produce the invisible zip. I really enjoyed the day and didn't realise how many seams there actually was...

Drawing With Words...

As part of my out of studio time on a Wednesday, I have been creating drawings in a variety of ways. Here are the examples from week 2 in which I used words describing the items I was drawing to create the image. This work is adding to my collection of drawings for part two of my Creative Approaches To Fashion project...

Monday, 27 October 2008

Armchair Dress....woahhhh

So I have researched some more of hussein chalayan's work. This dress is amazing, converting from an armchair into a dress is actually amazing guys.

What do you think?!

I was actually scaring myself when told about a tutorial with 2 other students and a tutor but hey it went pretty well. It was last Tuesday (21st) and as you can tell I'm a little late writing about it. Anyway though yeah it went well. I'm doing the right stuff and seemed to have a lot more than some people. It was good to discuss where the project was heading with my tutor and I am looking at a skin&bones exhibition which was in London. Hussein Chalayan took part in this, so I am going to check it out. I want to look at his inspiration rather than solely his garments as it may take me in a completely different direction!

Sunday, 19 October 2008

These are some Images from Tuesday's Creative Approaches To Fashion session on 14/10/08.

Week commencing 13th October.

The last week has been really busy and fun. On Monday I was given two more readings to look into as a possibility for our presentations. I have read through all of the 3 and made notes on each one, this will hopefully enable me to decide which is the best option for my presentation. Tuesday's session was again really exciting, using past weeks work and our theme and research artist we used a range of material to create garments. Firstly we used doll's to work on small scale then in the afternoon used paper to create life size garments using the mannequins. This day was very exciting and made me understand a lot more the type of the things that were expected from the creative approaches to fashion module. Wednesday was my first drawing group session. I really really enjoyed this and feel already my skills in drawing have improved. I loved the fast paced drawing and feel these were my most successful pieces. I can't wait for next weeks session! On Thursday I began developing photos of work from Tuesdays session and this will hopefully give me new design development ideas and ways of introducing my theme into the garment even more. I am continuing looking at possible garments I would like to make for the creative approaches to fashion module. On Friday it was my last workshop session, which was on darts. I was aware of darts although not a hundred percent sure of exactly how they work. Friday was a great learning process and I now feel I could put darts in garments I make in a confident way. I was also told about fullness and flare which was very interesting as I had no idea about the ways in which to make a garment like this in a successful way. This weekend I have continued with work from both creative approaches to fashion and creative design realisation. I have been building up my files and research in both areas. Overall another great week.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Tuesday's session

On Tuesday I had Creative approaches to Fashion. I was asked to bring in ten photocopies and use them to make shapes and garments whilst using model templates. I really enjoyed the task and look at my photocopies and cut out dominate shapes from it. Some began to use more illustrative techniques like tearing a whole image up and this began to disguise what the image was in the first place. I spoke to Ian and he said I was doing the correct process. The day enabled me to think about garment shape and how it would fit the body. It was a really helpful exercise. Today I have continued with the Idea of using photocopies to form garment shapes, although I have changed the photocopy I was using to create a mixture of outcomes, this will hopefully help me with my research and ideas.

Friday, 3 October 2008

Summer Project Photography!

Week 3

This was my first real taste of what it actually feels like to be a fashion student and I love it. My third week is over and I can't believe I have been here this long! This week has been really fun. I was introduced to critical studies which seems intense but interesting. I had to complete a short essay analysing 2 images of garments. One from the Victorian era and one from the 1990's. This was a fun exercise and got me into thinking about the social and historical contexts in fashion. Tuesday I was introduced to Creative Approaches To Fashion. This was what my summer project was for. I had a chance to look at what everyone had done and was pleased that I had done lots as some had done more than others. everyone was very encouraging and especially like my photography work. This project seems innovative and exciting. I am especially pleased that it has two parts and one concentrates on drawing alone, as I feel I can build up my skills and confidence in this area. The other is research based in the end making a garment, also very interesting. I can not believe how brilliant all the new projects seem and I can not wait to get along with Creative Approaches To Fashion. Wednesday and Thursday were private study days, I used these well and completed all work set for the Approaches to Fashion Project. I even felt on Wednesday that each drawing was getting better and better and feel if i carry on I may soon have lots of confidence in this area. Today I was back to Creative Design Realisation, I began by being introduced to block pattern work. This is a brand new thing to me so I was pleased this was my first workshop. At first I found it difficult to understand although after a while it became clear and as long as you read the instructions and code carefully it is not so hard. Today I finish with a pattern for a bodice and sleeve, I feel proud I did this and really enjoyed the puzzling process. I can not wait to do lots more! Over the Weekend I plan to continue with my research for Creative Approaches to Fashion and look into the pattern cutting process using my brand new books!