Sunday, 20 December 2009

Christmas time.

it's christmasss! i'm really excited this year. i feel i need a break so much! let's have some fun! I still have lots of work though, as per!

definitely one of my favourite designers of the moment....Comme Des garcons.

seventy? yes please!

I got my mark back from digital photography and i got 70%. I'm pretty pleased with this as it wasmy first time studying photography in depth and it is a first. I'm definitley going to continue to use a film and digital camera in my further studies!

Tailoring Processes

Tailoring Processes Module, Second Year. This module was really interesting. It involved learning technical processes that are associated with tailoring and tailored garments. develop into initial ideas for design. I decided to focus my design work on menswear this time. I wanted to see if my ideas and researching could be pushed into a different direction. I also decided to use a different layout when designing. I liked using models to draw my designs on. Sampling encouraged my work and took it to the next level which I really liked. I learnt how to make lapels, collars, bound button holes, pockets and how to insert piping. I particularly loved the process of making pockets from bound button holes. This was useful when I looked at this along side new and contemporary tailoring, as this is very popular at the minute. I began to take the ideas of pockets further into Initial Ideas, Design and Final Line-up. I liked tailoring processes and think it will help me with further projects, especially design work if i want to add details like pockets. I now know how to do these and therefore will understand garments much more. I wish the project was ran at different point this year as my mind hasn't been as focused as I would of liked. Overall I learnt a lot of valuable techniques that I will definitely be using in the future.

Monday, 16 November 2009

UniqueBoutique baby.

So me and Nicole are actually doing something so cool. We are making garments and accessories and selling them at an event. It will be held at Red Eric studios in Leeds and there is around 8 other designs/artists also selling things. There is going to be music, food and hopefully lots of spending. It's on the 5th December. I am rather excited, but obviously ridiculously nervousss as per. I'm making a play suit at the minute and bags and purses, they're pretty cool :) We have a meeting soon too, that should go well. Yesss?!?!?!?!?!


75% for Application of design. yeahhhhhhh.


These are the final photographs form my photography elective. It was digital Photography, however our tutor said it was possible to use film too. I decided to use film as I like the experimental element of not knowing whats coming, as well as the colour and grain that is possible to achieve on film. I think digital is good for quick capture and recording, but I'm a film girl at heart. The result is more real. I looked at Nan Goldin and other real life photographers for inspiration I really love photographers who capture everyday activities in such beautiful ways. A good subject is love and kissing, but I'm not sure Ben would have been up for that! I decided to focus on day to day tasks and with the help of my housemates these were the results.


Application of Design has been absolutely amazing, but also very very stressful. The brief was set over summer, when we received some trend information for the coming season. I interpreted the nice trend personally and came up with the idea of oddity, experimental, humour and distortion. We had to design a collection for Miu Miu. We looked at research, design, branding, marketing and promotion. It was the first time I had worked as a group and it was interesting to see how the real fashion industry is ran. It has team Leads an people for specialist areas. As a group we decided to focus on childhood make believe and how they see the world. Oddity and experimental was a big impact as well as the idea of oversizing, as a child sees things much larger than they actually are (think hunny, i shrunked the kids). It went well and as a group we came up with some innovative and suitable designs for our brand Miu Miu. The presentation was okay. The video was far too long as Nicole, Kayla and I had discussed, however the majority of the group disagreed. The feedback from Gemma and Angie was positive, I felt SO nervous though! Overall I learnt a lot about my own style and how I am capable of a lot more things than I think. I have pushed my self this project and will continue too, throughout the year. I also loved being in a design team and think this experience will help me in the future. I made some culottes for my garment and think they turned out well. I did lining for the first time, so that was a bonus!! Here is some Research, Ideas, Design and Illustration from the project.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

application of design. ahhhhhh!

Hand in this morning went okay. We practiced this afternoon for the presentation, but had a few video difficulties. The video ended up being to short then too long then blah blah blah. Me and a few others wanted to leave it shorter as we though the buyers would get bored, but some how it was decided to keep it at 2 minutes. This was obviously far too long when the presentation was done properly. This will definitely be a thing to avoid next time i am presenting work. Overall the tutors gave good feedback so hopefully everything has gone okay. I've liked this project, but stress has built every time one person has does something wrong as it effects everyone. I am glad i know what it's like to work in a design team. Definite preparation for the future!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009


So I was given a place on the digital photography elective, I was pretty happy with this. I knew I'd probably gain some sort of experience and develop skills so I couldn't really go wrong. The week has begun with some experimental stuff in the studio and around uni. I have played about with light and various camera settings, to get some good images. I am constantly thinking about the type of stuff I want to focus on. I'll keep you updated.

nan goldin <3

definitley feel in love with this.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Friday, 23 October 2009

take me here.

stolen girlfriends club.

definitely a new favourite of mine. the combination of chic cool fabrics and vintage styling is rad. the models are pretty lovely too.

Second year.

So application of design has begun. It is pretty cool actually. My group (me, faith,nicole, kayla,rachel & anna) are working well. There's been no problems to date and we seem to be working fast and in line with each other and the session schedule. Fabric sourcing was great fun, but some fabric we chose had to be changed with it not being suitable. I definitley need to research further next time before buying the whole amount needed! aha. I think our garments work well as a collection, so i'm happy! We have began work on our presentation and finalising all branding like swing tags, labels and so on. Busy busy.

Monday, 1 June 2009

My 15 most successful pieces of work from the year.

A page from my elective work, I really enjoyed
experimental drawing and working the way I did
above gave me some ideas for drawing processes.
My final illustration from IP, I tried to use
techniques learnt throughout the year, as
well as putting my own twist on things.

My final ideas sheet from IP. I finally feel that
I have developed the sketchiness of my drawings
as this is when i get the best results.

Design development from IP, I love this process
I get so many ideas from it and it feels like I
always have something else I want to get down.

Some design work from FAC, this was probably my
least favourite project, but really like the ideas on
this page.

A trendboard from CDP, one of my favourite modules.
I absolutely loved looking at trends and the market
research. I like the continuity in this trendboard
concerning colour, shape and design.

My final Lineup from CDP, I loved researching high street
stores as well as designer and enjoyed putting my research
into ideas for my own collection. I was really pleased with the
outcome as it was the first time I'd ever got the chance to do
something like this on CAD.

Some drawing work from CDP, I like the way my drawing
developed and seem to fall into place during this project, as
before I had struggled with drawing and getting my ideas across.

Sampling from CDP, I made a half scale circular skirt,
I generally like the look of this page and it helped me
progress further in the module.

Design development page from CDP, again I love this
process and this page was one that I eventually turned
into a garment on the line up.
My final garment made during CDR, this was
by far one of my proudest moments of the
year as I had never made a garment using
pattern cutting before and it was amazing.

An illustration from CAF, this was done in ink &
pens then changed using CAD. This module
definitely helped me with drawing and I love
the colours in this piece.

Another from CAF, this was done using ink &
crayons then changed in CAD. I love the textures
I created by changing the contrast on photoshop.

Ideas sheet from my first module, CAF.
I think this is quite successful considering
it was the first module of my degree. I love
the mistures of research.

Ideas sheet from CAF. This shows well how I
developed my tied and twisted project, using
2d and 3d ways of working.