Saturday, 31 January 2009

Toulouse, Singh & Verhoeven.

A few Illustrations I found that I ACTUALLY LOVE!!


On Tuesday I had a one to one tutorial with Angie. This made me realise that I was definitely on the right track with the amount of work I had done, although with my design developments I was jumping from idea to idea and not fully exhausting the possibilities for designs. Since Tuesday I have looked through my design developments and began to pick out successes and develop/exhaust them as much as possible ensure I continue to design garments and not simply draw them. I also now have my fabrics, which are beautiful if I must add! I have chosen 2 Floral and 2 cotton fabrics in pastel shades, as well as a jersey that I would like to use for the more fitted garments. Overall I feel I'm on the right track with this project and this weekend i am continuing with design development and fabric experiments. On Tuesday I will pick my six most successful garments and turn these into a final lineup. Today I am finishing my moodboards from the first section of the project.

A little Late??

I have not wrote in my blog for so so long. Ive had problems with my computer and its just not been possible to get online! Anyway I received my feedback from creative Design Realisation and I got 69% which I'm relatively happy with, although the feedback mentioned I had not included an evaluation. Obviously I missed this important factor on the brief so I'm guessing I lost marks for this. I was only 1% of a first as well!!! This has taught me to read everything even more than 5 times over!! I also received feedback for my critical studies presentation, i knew straight away I would struggle with this as i get very nervous as a public speaker, although i still managed to get 65% which i was happy with. I'm just going to concentrate on the 2 projects now and I'm starting to really love it!

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Market Levels...

So this week I think Ive finished my shop report. I mean I'll probably add more too it once Ive finished my trendboards, which I'm going to start today. Ive got loads of images and research to work with, but cant start them till Tuesday when I'm back at uni. I need to get some fabric samples too to ad to them. But all is going well!!

Monday, 5 January 2009

art-e-zine, play with art?

This website I found is amazing, full of 'small town' artists doing so much amazing work. Aot are using recycle methods, as well as photography and fine art methods. Take alook at Sneak Preview.....

london BABY!

On Friday, the second of January that was I went to London. This was mainly for pleasure although I managed to complete my work on the luxury market for my shop report which I was originally struggling with. I visited Chanel, Gucci and Prada which means I have some of the top designers in the world for my report! I also went into Harrods which sells this designs, it actually amazed me, a cutlery set for £21,000! Ridiculous!