Saturday, 27 December 2008


Last week, beginning the 15Th December I went into Manchester as I was back home and did a little more research looking at menswear and women's wear, concentrating on designer diffusion, upper middle market and middle market levels. I found it difficult to ind designer diffusion in the stores available to me,although I feel I got enough research done. On the Tuesday of independent study week (16Th) I got the FLU....Absolute nightmare. I did nothing for a whole week, therefore I'm a little behind schedule. The first week of our Christmas break I spent sorting out all my information and research collected and began putting together my shop report, up to now I have done a few sheets on designer and middle market levels. I'm Struggling to start my trend boards as I do not have photoshop. I tried to get it before I left for home but couldn't afford it. I am still trying to get it whilst at home, but it doesn't look good...:( I think if I don't get it I will plan them manually and will have to actually do them on photoshop when i get back to college. That isn't the best way to do it, but unfortunately there's nothing I can do.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

FinalGarment..Design Realisation.

What do you think..Im very happy with it!!

Sunday, 7 December 2008


So Friday was the final session for creative design realisation. i think my dress is pretty much finished. although due to my perfectionist character i think i will probably redo my invisible zip as its not up to my standards!! HA HA after all it is how the dress is made in which we get marked. Ill put some photos on here tomorrow when i get a chance to upload them. I'm also finishing my technical file for Fridays hand in...1pm SHARP!!!

Sunday, 30 November 2008


Creative design practices is the new brief, its quite a long one and the deadline isn't until February. After the briefing session and reading the brief I few more times, I understand that its about market research, trends, forecasting and designing for certain markets. There are two parts to the brief. One section we need to create 4 trend boards based on the trends of A/W 2008 and look into the levels of markets and consider differences in the price, packaging, manufacture, materials and more! It is something I am really interested in so hopefully that part will be fun. Part two looks at container culture. Basically I have to research the idea of container withing the industry. Using previous ways of researching as a starting point, then going onto research development, design development and finally coming out with a final lineup of 6 outfits for a particular trend for the A/W 2008 season. I have to include colour pallets and fabric samples on the lineup. Overall I'm really looking forward to the project!!!

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Creative Design Realisation.

The first session was on Friday 21st. My blog hasn't let me log on till today so the entry is a little ate. I absolutely loved today!!! It was hard work and confusing. I began by doing a flat drawing of the garment I am making then from that tried to figure out how it would be made. I'm so glad I had two of my pattern books with me as they helped a great deal and sometimes when I got a little confused Hugo was busy so looking in the book pushed my process along. Ive finished my pattern for my garment so in tomorrows session I can cut the pattern pin it to the material then hopefully begin making before the day is over! I'm very excited. I also need to continue with my technical file and complete a normal zip as I have only done the invisible one...

Thursday, 20 November 2008


The creative approaches to fashion project was handed in yesterday..I'm sort of glad too be honest. I felt 8 weeks plus summer was long enough for the project. Hopefully I have done well, I'm pretty pleased overall with my work so hopefully Angie and Ian will feel the same! Yesterday we did a group task, basically we had a set of questions about general stuff on Leeds. Some questions were about the college library, some about shop windows, layouts, displays etc. Then we had to do some tasks as a group. Overall it took like 2hours and was good to get to know others in the group. We haven't yet been given out next brief...but I'm TOTALLY excited about it!?!?!....

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Final Garment..

Here are some photos of my final garment through the stages of producing it on the stand, so you can see how i started and how it is finished...

ONE week to go...

So hand in date is less than 4 days. On Thursday I went into uni to finish my garment using the stand. I feel really happy with it and hopefully it shows good inspiration from my theme and artist. I tried to communicated the sophistication of Hussein Chalayan's work and the clear elements of my tied and twisted theme. Here are some photos of the development of ideas whilst working on the stand. I will put up photos of my finished garment later.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Computer Enhanced Illustrations!! YEahhh Man.

So I have been doing lots and more and lots and more drawings over the past few weeks as part of my part two of creative approaches to fashion project, which i may add is finishing next wed!! ARGHHA. As part of the drawing section we had to do some stuff on the here have a look..are they that bad?!!???!

Monday, 10 November 2008

I ACTUALLY hated it.

Today was my critical studies presentation..bad times for myself....I mean I did the research into subculture and my text and had enough, new what to say etc etc.

Name was called.
Looked at my audience.
SHIT myself.
Got really nervous.
Rushed it.
Had a decent reaction from Marcel (my tutor).
Good Response from peers.
Sat back down and realised how much better I could have done.
Bad Times.
Good written summary though../

Monday, 3 November 2008

Really Good Illustrator check this woman out..I really like her work, it very exciting..If you love fashion illustartions I reckon you will love this!! Here's a sneak preview haha...

Research Sheets....WAnt to SeE?

Here is some of my research sheets, I used material manipulation, illustration, work on stands, drawing, photography and more generally to generate ideas...I'm working on some final designs/illustrations of what Id like to make using my 3 garments...Ill put them up tomorrow when there finished!!

Reading Week...YEY!!

Over reading week I worked on my Critical Studies assignment looking at punk subculture and Dick Hebdige and his thoery this website was really useful.. Im now working on my powerpoint presentation. I also worked on my research in my Creative Approaches to Fashion project and then moved onto design Ideas and possible outcomes as in tomorrows session I may begin making the garment. I have also been updating my technical file for Creative Design Realisation. I am going to try and finish my powerpoint by wednesday as I need to send it to my tutor by thursday and will use tomorrow as a hard working session for Creative Approaches to Fashion!!

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Thursday 23rd..HELP!

Last Thursday I went into the studio to catch up on the zips and seams workshop I missed, because I was ill. My friend Siobhan helped me work through the seams I needed to complete for my technical file. I then worked with Hugo to produce the invisible zip. I really enjoyed the day and didn't realise how many seams there actually was...

Drawing With Words...

As part of my out of studio time on a Wednesday, I have been creating drawings in a variety of ways. Here are the examples from week 2 in which I used words describing the items I was drawing to create the image. This work is adding to my collection of drawings for part two of my Creative Approaches To Fashion project...

Monday, 27 October 2008

Armchair Dress....woahhhh

So I have researched some more of hussein chalayan's work. This dress is amazing, converting from an armchair into a dress is actually amazing guys.

What do you think?!

I was actually scaring myself when told about a tutorial with 2 other students and a tutor but hey it went pretty well. It was last Tuesday (21st) and as you can tell I'm a little late writing about it. Anyway though yeah it went well. I'm doing the right stuff and seemed to have a lot more than some people. It was good to discuss where the project was heading with my tutor and I am looking at a skin&bones exhibition which was in London. Hussein Chalayan took part in this, so I am going to check it out. I want to look at his inspiration rather than solely his garments as it may take me in a completely different direction!

Sunday, 19 October 2008

These are some Images from Tuesday's Creative Approaches To Fashion session on 14/10/08.

Week commencing 13th October.

The last week has been really busy and fun. On Monday I was given two more readings to look into as a possibility for our presentations. I have read through all of the 3 and made notes on each one, this will hopefully enable me to decide which is the best option for my presentation. Tuesday's session was again really exciting, using past weeks work and our theme and research artist we used a range of material to create garments. Firstly we used doll's to work on small scale then in the afternoon used paper to create life size garments using the mannequins. This day was very exciting and made me understand a lot more the type of the things that were expected from the creative approaches to fashion module. Wednesday was my first drawing group session. I really really enjoyed this and feel already my skills in drawing have improved. I loved the fast paced drawing and feel these were my most successful pieces. I can't wait for next weeks session! On Thursday I began developing photos of work from Tuesdays session and this will hopefully give me new design development ideas and ways of introducing my theme into the garment even more. I am continuing looking at possible garments I would like to make for the creative approaches to fashion module. On Friday it was my last workshop session, which was on darts. I was aware of darts although not a hundred percent sure of exactly how they work. Friday was a great learning process and I now feel I could put darts in garments I make in a confident way. I was also told about fullness and flare which was very interesting as I had no idea about the ways in which to make a garment like this in a successful way. This weekend I have continued with work from both creative approaches to fashion and creative design realisation. I have been building up my files and research in both areas. Overall another great week.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Tuesday's session

On Tuesday I had Creative approaches to Fashion. I was asked to bring in ten photocopies and use them to make shapes and garments whilst using model templates. I really enjoyed the task and look at my photocopies and cut out dominate shapes from it. Some began to use more illustrative techniques like tearing a whole image up and this began to disguise what the image was in the first place. I spoke to Ian and he said I was doing the correct process. The day enabled me to think about garment shape and how it would fit the body. It was a really helpful exercise. Today I have continued with the Idea of using photocopies to form garment shapes, although I have changed the photocopy I was using to create a mixture of outcomes, this will hopefully help me with my research and ideas.