Thursday, 20 May 2010


I had my 'feedback' session for Research Practices on Thursday after the morning hand in. I was really upset about how this went to be honest. I felt like I had pushed my self to do something more innovative, interesting and different. I looked at a subject that was totally different for me and I thought this project was about coming up with a good concept and your own ideas etc. However at the feedback session, my work hadn't been looked through and then i talked through some of it for no more than 5 minutes. I didn't have time to speak about everything. I was then told to take it away and that it had been marked, while I was there. I really don't understand how such a specific grade can be given when my work was literally flicked through. I tried to explain myself the best I could, but this is hard in 5minutes. I know there is a lot of students work to mark, but there is no way you could have looked at the designs and if they related to the theme or anything by just having a flick. I feel a bit disheartened after spending all my time over the past 3 weeks on the project. I just hope the grade I get is actually the right one. It just seems people are expected to get a certain grade and they always get round about, give or take a few marks. I'm going to try and speak with Gemma over this as it seems even if we push ourselves it goes unnoticed.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Interview Day!

Today I went for 3 Interviews down in London, for a work placement over summer. The first was a design Intern at Georgia Hardinge. It was just off Brick Lane. As soon as i entered the studio I got a great vibe! I loved it. Georgia was lovely and was so complimenting for my work, which I was really surprised at. The studio had a great atmosphere, she was helpful and seemed generally willing to help. They offered me a placement for the whole of summer if I wanted, this depends of cost in London and to work with them during Fashion Week in September!

Sunday, 9 May 2010


Finally finished my portfolio yesterday. I think it looks okay, but I want to add some work from Research Practices once I have fnished everything! I think from looking at it there is obvious strong points and those things that need working on. I think I need to try and format/layout my work differently on the next project as it is getting abit samey all the way through. I really enjoy researching, however I think designs, lineups and illustrations of mine are also working well. I think next year I definitley want to focus on designer labels rather than high street as i find much more freedom. Some examples of the pages that are included....

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

FFFF Found.

So I'm selling some garments I made in a City Centre Shop and a couple of things have already gone, absolutely ecstatic! It's called Found and is a cute vintage/charity shop that also sells work of new and up coming designers. I've had a small meeting with the manager Vicky and she said she is more thn happy for e to continue to make things for the shop! yeahhhhhh!
Today was our last studio day of second year! I am beginning to worry about this project now, there is just a week left and I haven't done my 6 final outfit illustrations, my toile or my statement of intent. I really do not understand how the project has been set. Starting a few weeks before two other deadlines doesn't seem to make sense...a lot of people are wondering about an extension. I'd pretty much kill for this right now. Anyways, plan for the following week. Tomorrow: finis designs and complete 2 final illustrations. Friday: 2 more illustrations and pattern for my toile. Saturday: Go into uni :( toile and final 2 illustrations, as well as finishing my portfolio. Sunday Finish toile, cv, postcard, blog, Statement of Intent. Monday: interviews in London. Tuesday: finish PPD Work, Statement of Intent. Wednesday PPD Hand in, anything for Research Practices. Thursday: Research Practices Hand In.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

first ideas, i guess.

Looking at the abject. The things we repulse and cannot accept. Things that society does not accept and mainly nasty things. Quite interesting though!

Psycho Psycho

I'm going with the psychoanalysis and the gaze lecture for my research practices module. It's week 2 and we should be designing. I'm yet to see anyone in the class do this. Everyone including myself has literally only just started/are getting to grips with their idea. Running 3 projects at once is fucking stupid if you ask me. I wish we had an extension, I am seriously not going to finish.