Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Today was our last studio day of second year! I am beginning to worry about this project now, there is just a week left and I haven't done my 6 final outfit illustrations, my toile or my statement of intent. I really do not understand how the project has been set. Starting a few weeks before two other deadlines doesn't seem to make sense...a lot of people are wondering about an extension. I'd pretty much kill for this right now. Anyways, plan for the following week. Tomorrow: finis designs and complete 2 final illustrations. Friday: 2 more illustrations and pattern for my toile. Saturday: Go into uni :( toile and final 2 illustrations, as well as finishing my portfolio. Sunday Finish toile, cv, postcard, blog, Statement of Intent. Monday: interviews in London. Tuesday: finish PPD Work, Statement of Intent. Wednesday PPD Hand in, anything for Research Practices. Thursday: Research Practices Hand In.

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