Sunday, 30 November 2008


Creative design practices is the new brief, its quite a long one and the deadline isn't until February. After the briefing session and reading the brief I few more times, I understand that its about market research, trends, forecasting and designing for certain markets. There are two parts to the brief. One section we need to create 4 trend boards based on the trends of A/W 2008 and look into the levels of markets and consider differences in the price, packaging, manufacture, materials and more! It is something I am really interested in so hopefully that part will be fun. Part two looks at container culture. Basically I have to research the idea of container withing the industry. Using previous ways of researching as a starting point, then going onto research development, design development and finally coming out with a final lineup of 6 outfits for a particular trend for the A/W 2008 season. I have to include colour pallets and fabric samples on the lineup. Overall I'm really looking forward to the project!!!

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