Saturday, 31 January 2009


On Tuesday I had a one to one tutorial with Angie. This made me realise that I was definitely on the right track with the amount of work I had done, although with my design developments I was jumping from idea to idea and not fully exhausting the possibilities for designs. Since Tuesday I have looked through my design developments and began to pick out successes and develop/exhaust them as much as possible ensure I continue to design garments and not simply draw them. I also now have my fabrics, which are beautiful if I must add! I have chosen 2 Floral and 2 cotton fabrics in pastel shades, as well as a jersey that I would like to use for the more fitted garments. Overall I feel I'm on the right track with this project and this weekend i am continuing with design development and fabric experiments. On Tuesday I will pick my six most successful garments and turn these into a final lineup. Today I am finishing my moodboards from the first section of the project.

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