Sunday, 20 December 2009

Tailoring Processes

Tailoring Processes Module, Second Year. This module was really interesting. It involved learning technical processes that are associated with tailoring and tailored garments. develop into initial ideas for design. I decided to focus my design work on menswear this time. I wanted to see if my ideas and researching could be pushed into a different direction. I also decided to use a different layout when designing. I liked using models to draw my designs on. Sampling encouraged my work and took it to the next level which I really liked. I learnt how to make lapels, collars, bound button holes, pockets and how to insert piping. I particularly loved the process of making pockets from bound button holes. This was useful when I looked at this along side new and contemporary tailoring, as this is very popular at the minute. I began to take the ideas of pockets further into Initial Ideas, Design and Final Line-up. I liked tailoring processes and think it will help me with further projects, especially design work if i want to add details like pockets. I now know how to do these and therefore will understand garments much more. I wish the project was ran at different point this year as my mind hasn't been as focused as I would of liked. Overall I learnt a lot of valuable techniques that I will definitely be using in the future.

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