Monday, 1 June 2009

My 15 most successful pieces of work from the year.

A page from my elective work, I really enjoyed
experimental drawing and working the way I did
above gave me some ideas for drawing processes.
My final illustration from IP, I tried to use
techniques learnt throughout the year, as
well as putting my own twist on things.

My final ideas sheet from IP. I finally feel that
I have developed the sketchiness of my drawings
as this is when i get the best results.

Design development from IP, I love this process
I get so many ideas from it and it feels like I
always have something else I want to get down.

Some design work from FAC, this was probably my
least favourite project, but really like the ideas on
this page.

A trendboard from CDP, one of my favourite modules.
I absolutely loved looking at trends and the market
research. I like the continuity in this trendboard
concerning colour, shape and design.

My final Lineup from CDP, I loved researching high street
stores as well as designer and enjoyed putting my research
into ideas for my own collection. I was really pleased with the
outcome as it was the first time I'd ever got the chance to do
something like this on CAD.

Some drawing work from CDP, I like the way my drawing
developed and seem to fall into place during this project, as
before I had struggled with drawing and getting my ideas across.

Sampling from CDP, I made a half scale circular skirt,
I generally like the look of this page and it helped me
progress further in the module.

Design development page from CDP, again I love this
process and this page was one that I eventually turned
into a garment on the line up.
My final garment made during CDR, this was
by far one of my proudest moments of the
year as I had never made a garment using
pattern cutting before and it was amazing.

An illustration from CAF, this was done in ink &
pens then changed using CAD. This module
definitely helped me with drawing and I love
the colours in this piece.

Another from CAF, this was done using ink &
crayons then changed in CAD. I love the textures
I created by changing the contrast on photoshop.

Ideas sheet from my first module, CAF.
I think this is quite successful considering
it was the first module of my degree. I love
the mistures of research.

Ideas sheet from CAF. This shows well how I
developed my tied and twisted project, using
2d and 3d ways of working.

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