Monday, 1 June 2009

What a RELIEF!!

On Wednesday I handed in my Interdisciplinary processes...I am so glad, I was beginning to get a bit stressed, with no sleep and not eating. I know its bad, but when I need to do something I do it! Overall I loved the project, It was probably one I enjoyed most, just because we got a chance to be involved in every part of the design process, Research, Design and Construction! My final garment I feel was a success, although now I'm think I should of used a bit more moulded fabric and more or less all over the body. This however could of looked to much...My final illustration has turned out well, although I did do about ten before I was satisfied!! Typical me. Anyway I ad a Nice weekend at home, getting distracted by the sun, friends and fun, but I managed to decided on my 15 images for PPD1, I just need to begin my presentation.

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