Sunday, 24 May 2009

Third year hand in time..

Thursday was the last day third years had to work on their collections before Fridays 9am hand. Moira had completed everything, but wanted to do a photo shoot for some business cards. Her work was based on machinery, so she used the machines in uni to work with. I pressed all Moira's garments ready for the shoot, and her friend came into model the collection. Her friend had a really punk look which helped with the contrast of pretty garments and rough machinery. I wasn't present at the photo shoot, although I saw the results, and it looked great! I finished the session early, so carried on working with my final garment, I've decided to hand sew the moulded moulage voile, so I can create the effect and positioning better, without making it stiff through machine stitching it. Best carry on....

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