Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Assisting Third Years....

On Thursday, we met our third year student that we would be assisting for the next few weeks. I'm assisting Moira Mattingley-Nunn. She was really friendly and introduced herself well, as I was a little nervous. After the initial meeting we went into another studio so we could chat about her final collection & about the logic behind it and the concept.....this didn't go so well. Moira began telling me she hadn't really done much and wasn't really into the project. She had put together a book, which had loads of designs that were both interesting and creative, but I just got the feeling that she really wasn't serious about fashion at all. I couldn't understand at first how when talking to a first year she just talked about the lows of the course, how much work, how hard it was...etc. I asked er questions and she gave me no real answer. I was a bit gutted that I didn't get put with someone who really wanted to achieve something working in the fashion industry. My first task was to unpick some zips. In the afternoon I was re drafting patterns, adding seam allowances. This task helped remind me of how pattern cutting works and how you transform a 2d design into a well made 3d garment. Overall I felt many people got a lot more from their first day and bonded much more with their 3rd year! Although it wasn't a great start I'm keeping an open mind and looking forward to this weeks session!

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