Monday, 11 May 2009

Half Scale, Interdisciplinary reviews & moulage baby!

Moulage workshop went ok, I just struggled abit at first because the half scale design I had made the day before was too complicated and wouldn't work for the moulage technique so it was coming out of the top of my head! The process and way of working was great to learn and it has opened my eyes to the varieties of pattern cutting techniques! The interdisciplinary tutorials really helped me, a group review enabled me to get feedback from other students and they gave me some really good ideas about how to make my garment more Avant Garde. They suggested a method to created moulded fabric, through boiling it. I had a go and it worked great!! I think I'd like to use it in my final garment. I'm not too sure what I'm making yet, although I'd like to have a go at either trousers or shorts for a change, as i always seem to design dresses. After i have got my final design I will decide on definite fabrics. I'm continuing with some ideas i got in my tutorial and heading on with the design development process. Not long left now!

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