Friday, 3 October 2008

Week 3

This was my first real taste of what it actually feels like to be a fashion student and I love it. My third week is over and I can't believe I have been here this long! This week has been really fun. I was introduced to critical studies which seems intense but interesting. I had to complete a short essay analysing 2 images of garments. One from the Victorian era and one from the 1990's. This was a fun exercise and got me into thinking about the social and historical contexts in fashion. Tuesday I was introduced to Creative Approaches To Fashion. This was what my summer project was for. I had a chance to look at what everyone had done and was pleased that I had done lots as some had done more than others. everyone was very encouraging and especially like my photography work. This project seems innovative and exciting. I am especially pleased that it has two parts and one concentrates on drawing alone, as I feel I can build up my skills and confidence in this area. The other is research based in the end making a garment, also very interesting. I can not believe how brilliant all the new projects seem and I can not wait to get along with Creative Approaches To Fashion. Wednesday and Thursday were private study days, I used these well and completed all work set for the Approaches to Fashion Project. I even felt on Wednesday that each drawing was getting better and better and feel if i carry on I may soon have lots of confidence in this area. Today I was back to Creative Design Realisation, I began by being introduced to block pattern work. This is a brand new thing to me so I was pleased this was my first workshop. At first I found it difficult to understand although after a while it became clear and as long as you read the instructions and code carefully it is not so hard. Today I finish with a pattern for a bodice and sleeve, I feel proud I did this and really enjoyed the puzzling process. I can not wait to do lots more! Over the Weekend I plan to continue with my research for Creative Approaches to Fashion and look into the pattern cutting process using my brand new books!

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