Monday, 29 September 2008

Induction week

Induction week was the second at the college. I felt I was beginning to settle in and appreciate being round other art & design practitioners. Monday was the briefing of my PPD1 Module. This was an intense session discussing what I was to do in the module. A Module Handbook was given and tutors said I will be given one for every module. It includes marking boundries, information on the brief and how to get top marks. Overall a very helpful pieceof documentation. Tuesday I had my CAD induction which was pretty straight forward. I was told how to log into the PC's and MAC's available to us as students and what services were on offer. On wednesday I had a library induction, this was very helpful and I am very excited for the new library to open at blenheim walk, the magazines available are amazing & of a wide variety and the way in which I would search for a book seems easy enough. The briefing for Creative Design Realisation took place on Friday. This module seems interesting and I am really excited to get on with the project. It includes a lot of pattern cutting which I am relatively new too. I also love the idea that I can look for a garment I like and the tutors will guide me with making it. I feel I will learn alot in this module. I also had my Industrial Machinery induction, this was mindbloing I never realised there were so many different types of sewing machine. I had a chance to use the normal straight stitch machines using solely the needle on paper. This exercise gave me confidence on how to control the foot pedal of the machine. Overall another great week.

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