Thursday, 25 September 2008

Freshers Week!!

Ok, so last week was freshers week. Time to meet people and time to get to know this place. It began on saturday 13th september, i moved in and met everyone. It was great! Then monday came we met the course tutors, all seem pretty ace. We then enroled and the day was over. The week had lots more introductions and talks. Firstly with the principal. He told us general information about the college and what they expect of us. On tuesday I also had a tutorial with Ian, we discussed how i was feeling and he confirmed i had signed everything i needed to. Wednesday we had a trip to my hometown. Manchester! It was fun we looked at contemporary, retro and designer fashions through stores like Harvey Nichols, Afflecks Palace and Retro Rehab. We visited Magma, a excellent magazine and book store specialising in the arts. For the rest of the week it was made up of a group quiz. Unfortunately we did not win. Then a Health and Safety meeting to clarify everything we needed to know. Friday I chose my Electives. First choice is Experimental drawing then followed by Photography. I feel i will benefit most of one of these. The head of the school invited us for a talk in which he talked through degree scoring and submissions of work. All was very interesting, now I know what i have to aim for to get a first. Then Week one, freshers was over!

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