Thursday, 15 April 2010

Final lineup- AFD.

Applied Fashion Design has been one of my favourite project of the year. I've really enjoyed covering different parts of the fashion industry. Initially I decided to look at the AW 2010/2011 trend. I interpretated this myself and decided to focus on the Gothic Revival period and Victorian dress that was apparent during this time. I decided to design my trend and collection for Reiss. I visited the West Yorkshire playhouse to broaden my research practice, instead of looking just on the Internet or at books, even though they are very useful! I really enjoyed my visit there, it opened my eyes to the volume of work that went into producing one piece of Victorian costume. The layering and silhouette in particular appealed to me. I decided to take this further with a visit to Dewsbury to find some lovely brocade fabrics. I used furnishings as well as luxury fabrics like cashmere, silk and velvet. I designed a collection for Reiss and kept in mind there current appeal and look, whilst trying to give them something new. I produced a Trend book and from this produced an array of designs. This is my final collection lineup I designed from the trend book and with consideration of the Reiss brand. I am pretty pleased with this, although it took me such a long time. I tried a collage approach instead of just illustrating my designs. I think this worked better as at first I was struggling to incorporate the styling of the garments as well as drawing things like faces and feet! I think this is one of my strongest lineups, in particular I love the Trouser designs, which are usually my weakest type of design, however they have improved in this project. Overall this has been one of my favourite projects of the year and I have definitely broadened my knowledge of how the fashion process works. I have just got my feedback and I got 70% again. It is really starting to annoy me now. My feedback is always you have done really well, but this is obviously not the case as I am making no improvement and if anything going lower. I wish I had some sort f productive feedback so I could improve my work.

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