Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Enterprise is over, I can't quite believe it. We started this 10 Credit Module in September, yet it has only just finished...not much logic really. My group (Katy, Siobhan, Sophie and I) came up with the idea of a travelling knitting school. We decided this after our initial interest in the subject and then finding evidence that the knitting craft was becoming popular again. We did so so much research into how this business could be formed and if in fact it would even work. We did a little bit of market research as well as business methodologies to determine if the business would work. We used PEST against competitors which helped us move forward and decide the things we would need to do to attract to people who may already go there. I really enjoyed this project, but just think it could have been done in a much shorter period. I learnt a lot about hings I didn't know and I think I would now know how to get my business moving in the future. Things like website costs and travel and materials helped me understand how much you may have to sacrifice when staring a business. i liked doing the branding for the project and we aimed for a really strong brand image, something that would be instantly recognisable. Siobhan and Myself did the logo and Katy did the website whilst Sophie did some business stuff. Sophie was really good at understanding some terms and legal points that we couldn't. Our presentation went really well and we received no negative feedback. Angie appreciated the van cosy idea, as did Bridget. I think Bridget took note of us trying to include all the business methods we had discussed during lectures. I haven't had my mark back for this, but I hope it is a first, I don't want to let myself down after getting all first through the year up to now. I'll have to wait and see!

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