Thursday, 4 March 2010

Critical Studies- Adornoooo

I've finally decided what I focusing my critical studies essay on, Adorno, the miserable sod. I am applying his idea of the culture industry and comparing it too the experiences felt the first and each time after the mini skirt was a fashion phenomenon. I have lots of reading to do yet, but least I'm on my way. Tom (my tutor) said I was writing on a particularly hard theory...great! I've been sourcing a few books from the college library and I am finding the topic super duperly interesting. I really find Adorno's theory Bazaar. How can someone so well educated have such obscure visions of society. As I am studying a creative subject we are encouraged to form and new and innovative ideas, however if we as society was to refer to Adorno theory there would never ever be anything new or great to shout about, which all in all makes life quite depressing. I decided to compare this to the miniskirt, as at the time it was considered a phenomenon and something new, but if I applied Adornos theory it would have been considered an adaption of the past longer skirt. I'm going to attempt to challenge his theory by showing evidence that the experience that has been felt the first time and every time after the mini skirts release has been different therefore this makes it unique and original. After this I began looking at my own work and analysing that, was it any different to whats about now or has been in the past? If not why do I bother? I'm going to continue readying as Its quite difficult and I'm finding it hard to get my head round all the little bits and bobs of Adornos theory on the culture industry. I got 60% on my essay in first year. I'd like to think my reading and subject will help me get a slightly better grade this year. I'd like a first, but I know I'm not naturally great at writing. Lets do thisssss!

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