Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Design Realisation.

Design Realisation has been really enjoyable. I loved looking at a trend which i have never done in as much detail as this before. I wanted to gain more inspiration from the trend so decided to look at Victorian Ladies wear, in particularly big shoulders. I took this from the vintage garment I bought. I decided to produce my garment for Urban Outfitters and decided to go back to women's wear after Tailoring and Menswear as I think this is where my heart lies. My design work was inspired by the trend research and my vintage garment, however I am not entirely pleased with my design work for this project. I feel it could have been more innovative and therefore challenging if it went too production. I decided to make a jacket, as I had never produced one before. I really thought learning how to put a technical package together was one of the most beneficial things we have done this year. Learning how to do garment specs, lay plans and detailed specs would be expected of you if you was too work in a design studio so I'm really pleased with now knowing how to do it. I enjoyed it as well, however it took a long, long time to get everything accurate and to ensure I wasted the least amount of fabric as possible. I hope this may help when going for internship interviews as I nowhave extra skills.

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