Saturday, 21 March 2009

Crit Time.

On Thursday we had a crit, pretty much the first of it's kind. Uploading important photographs of our work so far and displaying them to half of the course, VERY INTENSE i tell you. Overall I was feeling pretty confident with my project so far, but after sue asked me what my concept was and what i was trying to show through the final artefact/garment I realised I hadn't decided to a certain point. Looking at futurism, the fixation of new ideas new ways of working new technology, I obviously wanted to show this but to what extent. After thinking deeply and doing some more mind mapping I feel I'm confident with my concept- Although in fashion we are constantly looking for something new and a change in what is 'acceptable' as fashion, how far are we actually willing to go as designers and consumers? Would we wear unconventional, uncomfortable materials as garments for something forward thinking and new, or are we simply satisfied with a slower paced development of ideas that nobody really notices or something that has no form of shock element?

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