Sunday, 1 March 2009

Experimental Drawing Elective.

My elective was absolutely brilliant!! It was four straight days whilst everyone had reading week at first i wish I'd of done it over a period of months, but when i got there i got really into and everyday i could carry on with my work with a good flow. I think the elective was really beneficial to me as I'm not too confident with drawing although i really enjoy it and this enabled me to create drawing in non traditional ways which i really really loved. It was very free and although there was a brief if you wanted to explore something more or try something else our tutor let us do so. Frances was really great actually, she gave me much more confidence in what i do. Hopefully it will enable me to communicate my ideas on my fashion degree course in more experimental and varied ways. I particularly liked the blind drawing techniques and creating the web of string. Both were really fun! I need to complete and evaluation and finish any loose ends by Thursday 5Th march when hand in is. I will upload some photos of my elective week once i have my camera back from home.

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