Tuesday, 17 March 2009

It's all GO!

So..yesterday i had critical studies tutorial with my tutor Marcel. I have decided which question I'm going to answer for my essay, and have taken some books out from the library to advance the knowledge i already have on gender in fashion. My first PPD1 session was yesterday, it was really interesting. In pairs we researched a particular job in the fashion industry. We looked at the job of a fashion buyer. I was really glad i was able to look into this as it is a career i have always been interested in anyway. All pairs then presented research on other jobs in the fashion industry. My Fashion, Art and Culture Project is going well and after sampling a range of metallic material to communicate my futurism research I have began working on top of an undergarment using the stand. I feel this is the best way for me to create structure and volume, rather than using a pattern. The project deadline has been moved back to the 27th of April which has benefited me really as I have a lot more resources at home which I can use for my photography. At this point I'm a little unsure of how i want to photograph my garment although after the digital photography workshop i may have a better idea.

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